Sunday, February 6, 2011

The special person.

I know it has been a while since I have not written anymore but it has been an interesting journey the past few months about all types of relationships, friends, lovers, people around and whoever comes along my path.
I have been in a deeper discovery of myself, every day is a new day, everyday I am learning to achieve something new dat by day and working in changing perspectives in situations that are brought to my present. I am learning not to look in the past anymore because it means I keep activating it in the present and I do not focus in what is happening now. I decided to have a better future and God it takes work to pass the past!

I went through a few difficult moments in where you want to make a person special and part of your life and all this people do is not to honor what you are. In fact I have learned that if you do not love enough yourself and trust who you are, you are never gonna find happiness in anyone because you will blame the other person of your unhappiness. You will be constantly clinging in others people's energy to make you happy and all you will be having are expectations.

We all want to share our life with somebody, friend or lover, we are always searching a person to spend our time, I wont assume everybody does it, but a lot of us did it or still do it. We have come to the point where our minds are so saturated with images, noise, by the so called trash-media, that our brain does not allow us to wake up from our eternal sleeping and therefore we feel like we are always missing something, that we are not full if we are not either watching tv, going out dinning, clubbing or doing drugs. We have to be surrounded by people because at the end of the day we do not want to feel lonely of empty.

I have learned that when you are changing into a new path and you are preaching the so called "spirituality" and you are working to have control over your world instead of being controled by others, people start to pull away. They do not really understand the process through what you are going, and they want you to be in the way they EXPECT you to be. These are one of the problems we face in that moment, expectations, when somebody has those expectations about you and you do not really fulfill them, then people think you are crazy and stay away from you, they start treating you in a different way because you did not give them what THEY wanted. But if you were always honest to that person and primarly to yourself, you have to step away and let it go, because his/her happiness and your wont be anymore a given. These type of situations could happen as follows, and tell why you can not achieve happiness anymore with that person in that moment, it can change in a future when you both are ready not to bring the past in the present and learn to be compassionate:

Example 1: he or she loves you and has these expectations from you, she thinks in a way you "must" act or re act to certain actions he or she performs/do for you, in any action the other person is doing, is expecting something in return, either love, attention, money, some kind of reaction, but not that kind or reaction that would come from  your heart, it wont come anymore, because when you are aware of this, then you have to think "what if you do this or you do that and affects that person", but hey! do not take me wrong, I am saying these thoughts come from you for not to hurt the other person, but you are not enjoying your life anymore and the other person neither. It is a cycle that becomes sick. The other person pictures you in a frame with diamonds and gold and these ones become tears and blood because basically you are not what they want you to be.

Example 2: The person does not have expectations from you anymore, that is what she/he says, and everything is perfect, you get along well, you talk, you love each other but suddenly everything changes again. The other person has taken you from the image he or she had of you and the only things that starts to see are the wrong ones, in most cases, because they really never looked at you for who you were, or sometimes they realize you are not compatible after all that time. You in the other hand, if you were honest and direct with that person then you will learn that the best is to step away and move on with your life. Because you can not become another victim of the victimization of somebody else and none of you are happy to be around each other anymore. You have to learn that both sides contributed to be at that point, but in this life some people rather take other direction than yours.

You see, there can be a lot of examples to this type of expectations from friendships/lovers/people, a loooott more, but basically we have to learn to love and to respect every single person for who they are, you are not here to please anyone but yourself, you have to take in consideration the others and remember where you stand. You do mistakes but you have to be aware of them, and if you are not and someone points it out in a respectful way then Hallelujah! that person really loves you. You can not walk away the moment your friend/lover makes a mistake because imagine if your mom/dad did it, then they really did not love you at all, and I am sorry for all those that come to realize reading this; if your parents were not there when you made a mistake is because they simply did not care, I am not trying to do harm or anything like that, I think love comes from caring and loving not from blood. I have to take the word here and say that I am very blessed with my parents because no matter how many times I have made mistakes they stand by me in their way but they are there, I have to be thankfull that they are sticking around and that applies to every single person that is part of your/my life. You can not expect a friend to be there for you in the way you want it. You have to let them be who they are and put in perspective if that is the type of person you want to hang around and make it part of your life forever. It is all about finding in yourself what you want to have and what you want to attract in your life. Once you really start bein trutful to your soul/mind/values then 2 things: people will walk away on you, even people that you thought were the dearest person in your life because they simply do not understand what you are going through and/or you will attract the right people that are seeking the same as you are. After all we all are here to learn and all relationships help to build up a great spirit.

It is a very bast and long subject of discussion, because we are so afraid to stan by ourselves, to search inside ourselves and believe in a God that provides everything, all I can say from a lot of things I have read and heard in the past few months are: if that person is not in your present it is because God, for some reason, does not want them to be in your life anymore. But we are so hang up in suffering and complaining that we hold on to them than the actual happiness

Happiness is the easiest way to live in life, we just have made it so difficult to have because we look  for it everywhere and when the person/opportuinity presents, and it is perfect and has most of what we want in life we do not believe it, we run away, because we have learned that suffering must be part of the process. I went to see Blue Valentine the other day with Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling that is a perfect example in what we go through a lot of relationships: if we were born and raised in yelling and drama, we look for it in somehow in any type of relationship because it was inyected in our DNA since we were kids, it was part of our environment. In the movie Ryan is such a good guy that loves Michelle no matter what, but she had expectations from him and when he did not fullfil them she was unhappy and bitter.

All these patterns are there in our "blood". But we can change it once we see what is the actual virus in our DNA. We have to learn that happiness is not in that special person, it is in you.. it is in you because you were made SPECIAL by God, you are just as SPECIAL as anyone else in the world around you. We all are different for a reason and special because we all are son/daughters of GOD, we become from the same fountain of light. When you realize that, the other special person will be next to you and you wont have any expectations of that person you will just live your present and both will understand that happiness is just a choice to be YOURSELF... the one that GOD wants you to be.

Have an excellent life


Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Other Side.

One of my favorite singers in all time and this is one of her songs that encourages to move forward and never stop believing in yourself.  The other side - Fey, Enjoy!

Trapped in the rhythm of life
Nothing seems to color my path
I'm in a web of confusion
Chasing my own tail... round... and round

I need to push away this madness
I gotta find the way out
With all my dreams and illusions
Waiting just to break out and fly...

I see what's waiting for me
On the other side
It's time to follow
All the passion in my heart
I'm standing on the sun with
Nothing else to hide
I'm ready,
Finally I see the other side

There is no more room for darkness
Allow the light to come in
You have to fight all the shadows
You gotta break out and fight

I heard it over and over
If you get caught up in the feeling again
With all your dreams and illusions
There is no reason to stop.

I see what's waiting for me
On the other side
It's time to follow
All the passion in my heart
I'm standing on the sun with
Nothing else to hide
I'm ready...
Finally I see the other side

The Moment is Now. The past is gone Place your future in the hands of God

I have been going through a long period of changes lately, understanding myself better and learning new things, healing from inside and forgiving myself and other for holding to feelings no longer should be there... But the process has not been easy, it is well said that when a big change is about to come your life could enter a big chaos because if it is for better you will be teased and pushed from the darkness to not to do it.

I guess it has been a difficult time but here I am doing and writing about what I am very passionate about too, I know I should be doing more interaction and maybe doing more charity events but I think a blog could help a lot of people to understand themselves better and who knows maybe make a big change in their lives too, like other have done to me and which I hope with all my hear there are A LOT OF people reading at least what I am posting.

The past weeks I started a course called "Course of Miracles" the most interesting thing is that my mom used to do it years ago when I was a teenager and I remember having people on my house doing meditation and commenting on the book, I totally was more into my Super nintendo than anything else but more than a decade after here I am studying what it has been around me since years ago. No surprise because it is amazing how it all takes its time to come to your life in the exact right time.

I have always wondered why many times I am so busy thinking on the past and I do not enjoy the present and then I seem to repeat a pattern than instead of getting better seems to get worst hahaha and I laugh about it because for some reason, a lot of things start to go great for instance and then suddenly not anymore. One day one of my friends took me to this course given by  Marianne Williamson which gave me the answer I was needing to hear that day. It helped me to realize a lot of things right away. It was the lesson  194 "I PLACE THE FUTURE IN THE HANDS OF GOD" of the workbook of the COURSE OF MIRACLES, so interesting that caught my attention right away. Basically we all have the same pattern in this life, because for some reason we are taught and injected since we are kids that life should be the way they taught us that we forget to really live the moment and live our own life.

Let me be a bit more specific about it, we are always talking in the present about the past, we are even thinking on the past in this moment, in how our friend hurt us, or how our girlfriend/boyfriend did something to us or the chance we lost by taking certain decisions. We constantly remember many times how sometimes hurt us in the past and we are holding a lot of resent in ourselves and what it is actually happen are a few things:

1. We are programming the past in the present and that is what is becoming again, and again and again our future. We forget that the only REAL moment we have is now, this one, right now, the past is gone!! it does not exist and it does not mean anything else anymore. It happened it cannot be changed and you do not need to bring it on and on in your life. Now is the REAL time you have, the present. The universe is so generous that want us to be happy and gives us what we ask for. WHAT ARE YOU ASKING FOR IN YOUR LIFE IN THIS TIME?

2. We are so worry about the future that we forget to enjoy the moment, you see, once you realize the universe is taking care of everything in your life you do not have to worry and make a chaos about what you going through. Once we have a problem we run to a friend and tell it, we tell to anyone that is around us and we magnify the problem instead of just learning and moving forward, God is so great that created that situation for you with already a solution given, because he wants you to learn and be happy. Careful I am not implying that our problems are given for us to suffer or anything like that, THAT is your choice. WHAT IS YOUR CHOICE TODAY?> what makes you happy? at the end we know God/The Universe is so ginourmous and infinity that there is all we want out there for us and more. So today PLACE THE YOUR FUTURE IN THE HANDS OF GOD. Let him guide you to his perfection and his perfect plan he has already designed for you.

3. We have to learn to forgive and let go and to remember that all that surrounds us is just there as an object, as a material nothing else, we give to every object the meaning and the value that we want, therefore we forget to usually remember that those are things, and things should not be more than merely things. Our past should not be put into those things and their meaning remain as it is a pen is a pen, a book is a book, a sweater is a sweater. We have learned to inject meaning to all the material we have around that we forget to enjoy the real now. The real use of the things. We created 20 000 dollar pens to give us status and presence. When that is given by your ego and the society that surrounds you and of course yourself. A pen is a pen and writes expensive or not expensive. It does not makes us bigger or greater, that is in your mind.

Today think in why you keep incurring into the same situations, you will find that you are programing the past in your present and that your past is becoming your future. So now it is time to let go, forgive, heal and program the present now.

REMEMBER: We decreet everything that happens to us, because the universe just listens what we want, so if you want happiness then ask for it and chose to be happy starting with the little things, God has already a master plan for you, let it be, let it happen, you do not need to write it on a piece of paper to make it happen, it is already in a undeletable file, the task now is to bring it down and make it happen. Ask for the greater and the better!! You deserve it, you are as God created you and you are his son/daughter and all he wants for you is to enjoy and be happy.

Be responsible today for y our actions and what your words and soon you will learn that life is GRANDOR than we imagine.

let the ego go and start working in yourself.

Today, Now, your PRESENT now, it is what matters. Not anymore.

Thank you Sean for taking me to Marianne, and thank you Marianne for guiding me through this process and I have to admit that this Post is made of Marianne s words and a bit of mine too. After all we are here to share.
God Bless.
Light and love to all of us.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Letter from God

I had this video I would love to share with you all.. amazing!!! something to see over and over. Click on the link.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Masaru Emoto and the power of words

A while ago I remember I used to write articles like the ones I have been working on this blog, but for some reason I forgot I did, well, honestly I did not do it, I think I became lazy in many aspects but now I am working and posting more things which I am living in life.

Around 2 years ago I saw a movie titled: "What the bleep do we know" where they talk about the experiments that Masaru Emoto has been doing all around the world about the effect of ideas, words and music on the water molecules. The movie talks about other subjects but Id like to emphasize in this subject that seems to be really interesting for all of us.

If you take a look on the examples about his work just search on google about it and you will see a lot of the images I am talking about. It is very impressive and amazing the way he does these experiments and the way they could make an impact in our life so I suggest you to keep reading :D When I was watching the movie and seeing all the work that Mr. Emoto has been involved in, it made me understand the impact and effect our words have not only with the others but within ourselves.

Since I was a little kid I always believed we interact in a way within each other that it is very important, at some degree, for our spitirual and personal growth. But the most important that I have been discovering in the past few years of my life is to the value to know who really I am, who in really is part of our "being" and the choices we make everyday to become who we are.

It is not only about having a positive thinking in life but to act and to communicate it to ourselves and all the individuals that live contained in our body that we have and most of the time, looking at the mirror day by day, we qualify, discriminate, judge, criticize, hit, it. In this sentence, when i talk about "individuals", I am refering to the cells, atoms and all small organisms that form our body.

So lets think about it, if our body is 75% only water, these experiments are a clear example in how are we acting and respecting ourselves. If day by day we criticize and judge ourselves and we tell things that do not make us feel well at all, if we have negative thoughts, our atoms and bodycells will be getting destroyed and will induce to have illness and getting sick very easily. Very simple, it is like putting poison to your own body and making the healthy cells be ruined or killed by it. We can become our own poison.

This is a very good example that the power of our own thoughts can make a change in our body anytime and if we think in the environment in which we live, the words and thoughts of family, friends and people that surround us can make also a big difference.

Anything in this world is connected like a chain, every person around us help us to become who we are, but remembering that is a own decision to chose what is the best for us. But what I can really tell from my side, is that loving, valuing, knowing each other, and what we tell to ourselves day by day helps us more to become who we are. If everyday we give negativity and bad thoughts to our life then we are attracting only bad energy, everything will change around us and our body will react to it. In the other hand, if we do not allow this negativity in our life then we will feel stronger, happier and be able to accomplish more.

We are entities made of thoughts, we attract what we think and want, we become who we want.

Change your mind towards you and the others, give yourself love, send love to the world. Value and love yourself day by day so nobody or anything can be on your way. If you have been more than 10 years telling yourself you have no value, you are ugly, you are old, then your body will reac to this.. it is never late to change and make a difference.. you are unique and therefore you are all the best of all. Be patience and learn day by day to appreciate who you are and what you are.

You and only you are the only one that can change anything that is around you by being positive and acting positive.. we are entities of light, we have become what we are many times due our surroundings but that does not mean that we that controls us. If we are more aware of what we do, wish, think, love, attract then we can make a difference and change everything around us. It is not only thinking it is about acting it too. Knowledge leads to power and control.

Good vibe and love to all the entities in this world
Untill the next time.

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Honesty is within yourself.

Its been quite an interesting trip in my life and spiritual life, talking to people and learning from my situations in life and their situations aswell.

Today a friend of mine came upset to tell me how tired of the guys that she likes are selfish and only think in themselves even if they are in a relationship. What happened is that she met this guy, that she likes since a few months ago, finally they started to talk and she brought him a present for his pet, which he accepted. She told me she sent him nice txt and told him that she was interested in him, the same day she gave him the toy, she got a txt telling her that he was involved with someone else and for that reason he was not kissing her at all..

I just laughed and made my point: Look you live in a world where everyone is so selfish and very little people nowadays care for the others, everybody is mostly looking to see what are they missing and they do not really know what they want in life. This person never mentioned the guy in his conversations which means the logic one: he is not a honest guy at all. If you have a person in your life that loves you and you know someone likes you, the best thing to do is to bring it on the conversation on say: hey look, you are an amazing and good looking girl/guy but at this moment I am involved with someone. The funny part is, barely people do it.

I have been there too, where you go out met a person and you think: wow there is a connection, but people just take things for granted or are total dishonest within themselves.

Today learn that it is not your fault that these people have no respect for anyone else because clearly to me they do not have respect to themselves.

You keep yourself as you are, do not change for these people that have not respect for someone else, because the lack of self love and dishonesty can become contagious thinking that you are not enough.. but let me tell you something: If you can not be happy within yourself you are never gonna be happy with anyone.

Relationships should be freedom to be who you are, a field of sharing, loving and understanding each other in all levels. Remember we are all different among us in many things but we are all connected by one light and one reason... to help each other to be better spiritual entities and reach the next level.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, June 25, 2010

A note on Kabbalah

Hola again, I can not go on writing on my Blog without giving recognition to the main source of knowledge in life. I want to invite you all to the source of all this vast knowledge called: Kabbalah click on newsletters and then subscribe yourself to it! Believe me the readings you will get day by day and weekly will help you out to understand more things.

I will say one of the best things that Kabbalah basically tells you: If you do not believe in what we say, practice it and tell me how it went.